Terms & Conditions

The website or web platform “das-flughafentaxi-wien.at“ (in short form Airport Taxi Vienna) is a service of the company R. David eU (more under Legal Information).

  1. General
    1. Content
      Airport Taxi Vienna is a web platform that provides contact information of companies from the rental car (airport taxi, airport transfer) industry. In addition to the information, Airport Taxi Vienna offers tips in the form of editorial contributions.
    2. Advertising by companies – Advertising content
      The content of the ad consists of the contact data, as well a a link to the web presence of the respectve company. The information required for this is provided to Airport Taxi Vienna by the companies. Airport Taxi Vienna assumes no responsibility or liability for the accuracy of the data.
    3. Advertising delivery on Airport Taxi Vienna
      In order to ensure fairness towards the advertised companies, advertisements are delivered randomly. Therefore there are no fixed placements and no fixed order in the ads.
    4. Editorial contributions
      Airport Taxi Vienna provides helpful tips for visitors in the form of editorial contributions. These are written by Airport Taxi Vienna, according to their own experience, or web portal or media reports. Please note that these are only general tips and not professional instructions. These are simply intended to provide visitors with insight into various topics related to the industry. Please also note that Airport Taxi Vienna assumes no liability or responsibility for the accurancy and / or possible misleading information. If you see any discrepancies or incorrect information in the posts, we would be happy if you contacted us. The email address for this is: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at
    5. Costs and Use
      The services of Airport Taxi Vienna are absolutely free of charge for users (visitors). Placement costs for businesses, however, are found (see section 2 for more details).
    6. Contacting a company from our list
      Airport Taxi Vienna is merely a web platform that provides contact information for all companies. Thus we assume no liability for the acts of the advertised companies. Neither legally nor in terms of service. If a contract between the visitor and one or more of the advertised companies is created, the laws of the Republic of Austria apply to these two parties for this purpose.
  2. Advertised Companies
    1. Advertisements
      Companies in the Car Rental Service industry have the possibility to advertise on our web platform. These advertisements will be published as text ads.
    2. Ad Content and Responsibility
      The content of the advertisement is the sole responsibility of the advertising company. This company transmits the data to Airport Taxi Vienna. Airport Taxi Vienna copies these, puts them online and assumes no liability. The advertising company has a duty to ensure the accuracy and timeliness of the data. Part of the ad content is the link that should lead to the website (if any) of the advertiser. This is also transmitted by the advertising company to Airport Taxi Vienna. The advertising company must also ensure that the link to its own website.  Airport Taxi Vienna reserves the right, but is not obligated to refuse to advertise in case of doubt, or to request the advertising company to correct the content of the advertisement.
    3. Contract duration and notice period
      Unless otherwise agreed, the minimum contract period for placing an ad is one year from the date of the transaction. The period of notice on the part of the advertising company is a maximum of one month before the contract expires. If, therefore, no later than one month before the contract expires, no written termination by the advertising company, the contract is automatically extended by one year. The written termination can be sent by the companies at any time, conveniently by e-mail to: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at. The Airport Taxi-Vienna reserves the right, in case of breach of payment, to terminate the contract with immediate effect and to recover any outstanding amounts from a debt collection agency.
    4. Prices, Payment and Initial Circulation
      Information about prices, first time switching and payment can be found at: Provider Registration. There you will also find a contract for download.
    5. Technical failures
      Technical failures, such as the website being offline, are extremely unlikely. The team at Airport Taxi Vienna regularly strives to avoid breakdowns. Should there nevertheless be shorter outages for an unexpected reason, Airport Taxi Vienna will not pay back for this period.
    6. Change in positions in the search engine
      Airport Taxi Vienna always tries to be present on the first pages of search engine results. Since the placement depends on several dynamic factors, we have no control over it. In the event of a change in position, Airport Taxi Vienna is not obliged to pay back, return or other similar services.
  3. Other / Jurisdiction
    1. Miscellaneous
      Should one of these conditions become ineffective, others will remain unaffected.  Airport Taxi Vienna is merely an online platform that offers advertising space and has no effect on the number of bookings, trips, etc. Thus also not obliged to repay any dissatisfaction. Hereby, each company agrees.
      Should a situation not be described in the conditions, the local law regulations come into force.
      Photo credits: You can either use your own images or images with purchased license from the "Envato Market"
    2. Jurisdiction
      Unless otherwise agreed, the place of jurisdiction is Vienna.