From Airpot Vienna to the City Center of Vienna

Vienna Schwechat Airport is 18 kilometers from the city. That often raises the question of what is the easiest way to get there. Luckily, there are several options. You can choose between the train service, the airport bus, City Airport Train (CAT) and the airport taxi. We introduce you to all possibilities.

1. Airport Taxi Vienna

The airport taxi is the most convenient option. There are companies that are specialised airport transfer services. Unlike the Vienna City Taxi, these companies drive at a fixed price. There are no surcharges or increased prices for traffic jams or similar situations. The price always remains fixed, depending on the vehicle type and district. The advantage, besides the price, is of course the comfort whilst driving. You do not have to worry about anything. The luggage is stored by the driver, you just have to sit back and enjoy the ride. How do I book an airport taxi? Most providers have the option of ordering online. We have compiled for you a list of airport taxis. All you have to do is select one, order and enjoy the ride.

2. Airport Bus

Another way to get to / from the airport is by airport buses. Again, there are several providers that go to the airport at different times with differing prices. The prices for a ride start at just €5. Depending on the provider, the buses run from several junctions in Vienna [Knotenpunkten]. You can see some below. For information about tickest, departure times etc, please visit the provider`s website directly.
Air Liner
Flix Bus

3. Train

The most popular train option is certainly the CAT (City Airport Train). But did you know there are other alternatives? Vienna is a very organised city, so you can find an alternative solution for everything. Thus, you can also get to the airprot by train and Railjet. Please note, that these two options require you to buy two different tickets. Information about the zones, as well as prices, departure times and locations can be found at the follwing links:
City Airport Train (CAT)
We have tried to provide the most common options for you here. There are also other alternatives such as Rent a Car and car sharing companies.