Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions


General information

Airport Taxi Vienna is an online portal, offering airport transfer (airport taxi) services. In cooperation with companies that carry out the trips, we offer this service online. You can find more information here.

The fixed price for a trip is defined as the flat rate, package price. The term "fixed price" is only the standard term for this.

The fixed price is calculated by, the travel distance to the airport, and the size of the vehicle. The distance is measured per district. This means that the desired district + vehicle size results in a fixed price per direction of travel.

You will receive detailed information about this by email, directly after your online booking. Otherwise, you can find it here.

As above, it will be sent by email from us. Click here to learn more.

You pay in the car, directly after you have arrived at your destination.

Unfortunately you can only pay in the taxi after you have arrived at your destination.

No, the specified fixed price is the gross price (including VAT) for the trip. You are of course free to choose whether to tip the chauffeur. Our drivers will be happy if you do so.

Drinking water and non-alcoholic beverages are allowed. However, enjoy with caution to avoid spilling and damage. In principle, eating is not allowed. However, if consumption cannot be avoided, we ask you to discuss this directly with the chauffeur. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are generally not permitted and should be avoided. If this is not observed, the chauffeur is entitled to ask you to leave the vehicle. However, the trip must still be paid in full.

If there is extreme contamination by the passenger, we will be forced to charge a cleaning fee of at least € 50 (depending on the degree of dirtiness).

Our partners select chauffeurs through a strict process. However, if you believe that the chauffeur has not acted professionally, we would be very happy if you report it to us. Help us to improve our service, send us a message by email to: We will work on this as soon as possible.

If you have booked a trip and used the taxi, this trip must be paid for in the vehicle. If this is not possible for you at the time (no cash, uncovered bank and ATM cards, etc.), we will give you an invoice for the trip by email, plus € 10 processing fee. This is payable within 7 days. If the payment is not made on your part within the given period, we are unfortunately forced to submit the outstanding claim to a collection agency.

Unfortunately we do not offer telephone support. We try to answer all questions through our content on the website, simplified processes and more comprehensive F.A.Q. (Frequently asked questions). If you book a trip with us, you will receive the phone number from the chauffeur. This is used for any questions and ambiguities immediately before collection. If your question cannot be answered on the website, please contact us by email: We will answer them as soon as possible.

You can reach us at the email address: Send us your question. We will process them with the highest priority.

Online Booking

Our online ordering works just like a normal online form. To book an airport taxi, you only have to fill in and select the required information. Finally, all you have to do is click Submit. The trip is then booked.

After ordering online, you will receive an automatic email confirmation from us. Your booking is hereby confirmed. There, you will also find the details of your order, as well as further information on pick up.

Need help filling the form in?

With this, you can select the direction of travel. If you are driving from the city of Vienna towards the airport, "to the airport" is the right one for you. If you wish to be picked up from Vienna Airport, then the option "from the airport" must be selected.

With this, you can select the vehicle size. Please note the associated information regarding the number of people and luggage. It is important to understand them. A rebooking to a larger vehicle on site may not be possible.

Additional addresses are understood as a stopover. Example: You drive from point A towards point C. On the way, we drive to point B to pick up your friends. In this case point B is the stopover. This costs € 8 per address.

Enter the date and time at which you would like us to pick you up. When picking up from the house: please note that the travel time may vary due to possible traffic disruptions. For this reason, it is advisable to add a little more time to the average journey time. Then nothing stands in your way to a stress-free journey. When picking up from the airport: The time you enter here should correspond to the time the plane landed (time zone: UTC +1 - local time in Vienna). Waiting time you spend at the baggage carousel should not be counted.

If necessary, we provide child seats free of charge. If you need one, please specify the exact type of seat. Please note that for organizational reasons we cannot carry child seats in the vehicles as standard. That is why it is extremely important to choose this as precisely as possible when ordering.

Personal data

We need your personal data in order to be able to carry out the booking. First and last name of the passenger, as well as the telephone number serve to facilitate the development of the journey, in the event that the finding at the meeting point cannot take place successfully. Your email address is required for the email confirmation of the trip. If you book online for someone else, please fill in the passenger details.

Your data is in good hands with us. We use SSL / TLS encryption. This means that your data will be transmitted to us encrypted after filling out the form. After that, we will not use them for any other purpose. In other cases, the general data protection policy applies.
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