Terms and conditions
Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

As of: 04.02.2020

These general terms and conditions apply as a service contract between "Das Flughafentaxi Wien" (hereinafter referred to as "Service provider") and the customer (hereinafter referred to as "client").

  • 1. Area of activity
  • „Das Flughafentaxi Wien“ is a web platform that arranges trips to and from Vienna International Airport. As such, we are free to commission selected partner companies to carry out the journey.
  • 1.2. Partner company
  • Our partner companies which carry out trips are in possession of the corresponding licenses for this branch. However, the Contractor is not obliged to control them. If you notice any discrepancies, we ask you to report this immediately to: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at.

  • 1.3. Obligations of the partner companies
  • Partner companies must ensure that the journey is carried out properly and successfully. This includes professional behavior, punctual arrival and compliance with legal traffic and safety regulations

    If a partner company arrives late or does not arrive at all, but this happens for traffic, security or technical reasons, this is considered to be excused. In this case, please follow the instructions in our guide:

    In diesem Fall, folgen Sie bitte den Instruktionen in unserem Leitfaden:

    Pick up guide from airport

    Pick up guide from an address in Vienna

  • 2. Payment and other costs
  • The completed journey is to be paid on site in the vehicle. The usual credit and debit cards (EC cards) and cash (EURO) are considered payment options. If the client wants to pay with a card and the payment cannot be made due to insufficient funds, the amount must be paid in cash. The payment method selected when booking must also be observed. If you have selected cash payment, this may not be possible (there is no device in the vehicle). In this case the trip must be paid in cash.

    Residual money must be checked immediately. Complaints made later will not be accepted.

  • 2.1. Fixed prices
  • All specified fixed prices are gross and include VAT. The prices are calculated based on the distance (district) from the airport and the size of the vehicle (number of people). This price does not change. Except when changing to another district or vehicle size.

  • 2.3. Insolvency
  • If the journey cannot be paid for by the client, an invoice will be sent by email. This includes the gross price of the trip, plus € 15 processing fee and has a payment term of 5 working days (without deduction or discount). If the payment is not paid within this period, we are forced to forward the outstanding claim to a debt collection agency.

  • 2.4. Other costs and surcharges
  • Other costs can arise as follows:

    Extreme pollution of the vehicle:

    from € 50 cleaning fee (depending on the degree of soiling dirtiness)

    In the event of vandalism or other damage to the vehicle caused by the client (inside and outside):

    Transfer of the price from a professional to the client

    Delay by the client:

    € 5 per 10 minutes delay. The following applies as a delay: see point 3.

  • 3. Obligations of the client
  • The client is obliged to consume the ordered trip. If this is ignored by the client without prior cancellation, the full sum of the trip must be paid. In addition, the client must ensure the accuracy of the data provided when ordering online.

    Punctual appearance at the specified time is also a duty of the client. The following is considered punctual:

    When collecting from the house: exactly at the time ordered

    When picking up from the airport: up to 30 minutes (waiting time at the luggage bank) from the time the plane lands. After that it is considered unpunctual. If this waiting time is prolonged for technical or unforeseeable reasons, the chauffeur must be informed. In this case, the longer waiting time is considered to be excused and waiting time fees do not apply.

    The client is obliged to adhere to the details of the order. There is also the possibility for the client to change the order. The AN does not have to accept unannounced changes to the order data (more luggage and / or people than booked, change of the district, move forward or postpone the pick-up time). A rebooking is possible on site (only if a suitable vehicle is available), but not mandatory on the part of the contractor. A rebooking, if this takes place, is associated with additional costs and waiting times.

    Disrupting the chauffeur while driving is prohibited in any case.

  • 4. Cancellation
  • An ordered trip can be canceled by the client at any time. Depending on the time of the cancellation, cancellation fees may apply. These are as follows:

    Cancellation fees:

    50% of the total price: For cancellations up to a maximum of 24 hours before the ordered time

    80% of the total price: For cancellations up to a maximum of 12 hours before the ordered time

    100% of the total price: For cancellations less than 12 hours before the ordered time

  • 5. Multiple booking
  • If the client has made multiple bookings (with the service provider and one or more providers) for the same journey, the client is obliged to consume the required journey (s) and to cancel the rest. The client is also free to cancel at the service provider. In this case our cancellation policy (point 4) applies. If there is no cancellation on the part of the client, we are forced to charge the trip in full. Even if it is not consumed.

  • 6. Consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco
  • KThe consumption of alcoholic beverages and tobacco products of all kinds is strictly prohibited in the vehicles. If this is ignored, the chauffeur is entitled to ask the client out of the vehicle. The trip is canceled and must be paid in full.

  • 7. Online booking
  • The only way to book an airport transfer is by ordering online. Telephone bookings are not accepted. The journey is deemed to have been accepted only after you have received a confirmation email from the contractor.

  • 7.1. Confirmation E-mail
  • The confirmation email is valid as confirmation of receipt of your order. This contains the order details as well as further information regarding the collection. The client is hereby informed that the confirmation email can arrive in the SPAM and / or advertising folder of its email provider. If you do not receive the confirmation email, please report it to: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at

  • 7.2. Personal data
  • In the course of the order, the service provider will request personal data from the client. These are only used to process the booking. Your data will be forwarded by the service provider to the partner company so that the journey can be carried out successfully. However, the partner company is prohibited from using the client’s data for other purposes or passing it on to third parties.

    Otherwise the general data protection declaration applies.

  • 8. Change of booking
  • If the client wants to change the order or the booking has been filled in incorrectly, this can be changed. In order to do this, the change must be sent by email to: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at by 8:00 p.m. (Mon - Sun) at the latest.

    The client then receives confirmation of the changes from the Contractor. We do not process emails in real time. If the change takes place at short notice, we ask you to report this by telephone to the telephone number that you received in the confirmation email. In this case, max. 8 hours before departure. ATTENTION: This applies especially to changes regarding the district, date, time and vehicle size. For late notifications, it may not be possible to rebook.

  • 9. Flight delays
  • In the event of flight delays there is no need for further action by the client. The contractor postpones the pick-up time at the new landing time of the aircraft.

  • 10. Technical problems
  • Any technical faults on the web portal will be remedied by the contractor as soon as possible. The Contractor also assumes no liability for the time that faults were present.

  • 11. Other
  • Verbal and other agreements, directly between the client and the chauffeur, without which the service provider has been informed, are strictly prohibited. However, if such agreements take place, the Contractor assumes no liability for further events. In this case, the above general terms and conditions do not apply.

  • 11.1. Place of jurisdiction and conditions
  • Should one of these conditions be ineffective, others remain unaffected by the effectiveness.

    For conditions not described, the local legal regulations come into force.

    Unless otherwise agreed, the place of jurisdiction is Vienna.

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