Pick up guide - from Vienna Airport
Pick up guide
From Airport Vienna

If you have ordered an airport pick up from us, you will find all the important information here.

1. Pick up at Airport

We wait for you at the Airport Information Desk. This is located directly in the arrival hall. Once you go out, after the baggage carousel, you only have to take a few steps to the right. You will find us there.

2. Alternative Pick up

Due to the large number of arrivals at the same time, Vienna Airport can be very stressful. For this reason we are sometimes forced to wait for you at “Departure -> Terminal 3 -> last exit” (German: „Abflug -> Terminal 3 -> letzter Ausgang“).

To get there, you simply have to go up one level from the arrival hall (there is an elevator available) . Then right out the door and you're there.

Meeting point at Airport Information Desk at Airport Vienna
Airport Information Desk at Vienna Airport

3. What if you still can't find the chauffeur?

If you cannot find the meeting point, this is not a problem at all. As soon as the search takes a little longer than usual, our chauffeur will contact you. This is also the reason why we ask for your phone number when booking.

We kindly ask you to turn on, your mobile phone as soon as possible after landing, so that we can reach you.

4. What to do in the event of flight delays?

In this case, you don't have to do anything. We ask for your flight number when ordering. This is because we track flights online. So we know in real time which flight will be delayed. In this case, we will automatically postpone the pickup to the new arrival time. There are no additional costs for you. The price, as well as the other details of the booking (except the time) remain unchanged.

Alternative Meeting point - Departure -> Terminal 3 -> last exit (German: Abflug -> Terminal 3 -> letzter Ausgang)
Departure -> Terminal 3 -> last exit (German: Abflug -> Terminal 3 -> letzter Ausgang)

Frequently asked questions


We are constantly working on systems that should prevent such a situation. Such incidents are not par for the course for us. However, due to many dynamic and unpredictable factors (traffic congestion, flight delays, etc.), there is a chance, even if it is very small. In this case you will be contacted by us beforehand.

What to do in such situations?

If we cannot take the trip at short notice, you can book a regular Vienna taxi. By calling 01 40 100 or 01 31 300 you will receive a vehicle within a few minutes. On average, a taxi takes 4 minutes to get to you. We will reimburse you for the additional costs that result from this. We kindly ask you to send us the invoice, including your IBAN, by email. The reimbursement on our part takes place on the same day.

For bookings with a child seat:

The regular Vienna taxi is also exempt from child seats. In other words, there is no legal change here.

This depends on the amount and size of the excess luggage. There are two options for this:

a) If it fits effortlessly and safely into the vehicle: Nothing changes in your journey.

Es verändert sich auch nichts an Ihrer Fahrt.

b) ) If there is no more space in the vehicle:

If we have a larger vehicle available:

the trip can be rebooked on request. However, this is associated with longer waiting times and additional costs (new price of the vehicle according to our price list plus a rebooking fee of € 20).

If we do not have a larger vehicle available:

There is no rebooking. The originally ordered vehicle is still available for the desired journey, including the number of pieces of luggage booked. In this case, however, we cannot transport the excess luggage. If you decide not to take the trip, please understand that we still have to charge the order in full.

Please note that depending on your information about luggage, during the booking, the assignment of the vehicles is also carried out on our part. For this reason, it is important to comply with the specified number of pieces of luggage.

Cancelling a trip is generally not a problem. Please note that cancellation fees may apply. The amount of these fees depends on how shortly the trip was cancelled.

Cancellation fees:

Free of charge: If you cancel up to 48 hours before the ordered time

50% of the total price: For cancellations up to a maximum of 24 hours before the ordered time

80% of the total price: For cancellations up to a maximum of 12 hours before the ordered time

100% of the total price: For cancellations less than 12 hours before the ordered time

FIf your booking should change or you have filled in the booking incorrectly, you can of course have it changed. Please send us your desired changes by 8:00 p.m. (Mon - Sun) at the latest by email to: office@das-flughafentaxi-wien.at. You will then receive a confirmation from us.

Please note that your emails are not processed in real time. If your change should take place at short notice, we ask you to report this by telephone to the telephone number that you received in the confirmation email. In this case, max. 8 hours before departure. ATTENTION: This applies especially to changes regarding the district, date, time and vehicle size. For late notifications, it may not be possible to rebook.

MSome passengers decide to book the same trip with two providers, as a kind of protection. We regularly work on a system that prevents our chauffeurs from not appearing. We have a working emergency solution for you even in the less likely case of an emergency.

However, if you have ordered the same trip from another provider and can only take one of them, you are obliged to cancel one of the two. If you choose to cancel your order with us, please note our cancellation policy. If the cancellation does not take place, we are unfortunately forced to charge the trip in full. Even if you don't come with us. Please note our guidelines in this regard.

When we pick you up at Vienna Airport, we include the approximate time you spend waiting at the baggage carousel. This is 30 minutes. If this time is extended for organizational reasons at the airport, please let us know. Anything above that will be considered late. If you are planning a longer stay at the airport, please take this into account when ordering, so you can book the trip at a later time. Since our schedule depends on all factors (landing time, etc.), we are often very tight. For this reason, we ask for your understanding that additional costs may arise in the event of a delay. This amounts to € 5 every 10 minutes.

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